Complete excel

Complete all your work in one Excel workbook. It is preferred that students work in pairs on the assignment, with one assignment submitted per pair; both students in a pair will receive the same grade. Name the file as follows: OurLastNamesFirst Initials_Assign3.xlsx (or MyLastNameFirst Initial_Assign3.xlsx), where you replace OurLastNamesFirst Initials (or MyLastNameFirst Initial) with your first initials and last names (e.g., WolfJ_Assign3.xlsx). Your name(s) must be a part of the file name. Upload the completed Excel document to Canvas on the assignment page.
You are expected to create professional charts and/or tables that you would be proud to use in a presentation to your manager. As a result, you should follow suggestions found in the “Presenting Health Data” PowerPoint and the document titled “Tips for Building Professional Tables.”
Selected websites for health information
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care
Kaiser Family Foundation State Health Facts
California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) (Links to an external site.)