Compensation Case Study

Develop a Job Evaluation Plan using the point method which you will apply to each of the jobs listed in the case. Remember, these are the only jobs you have to evaluate but there would be more senior jobs in the Company than listed in the Case. Use the text as a resource in compiling your job evaluation plan (Section D)
Review Chapter 8 Create 3 charts (4-5pages)
Chart 1- Identify the compensable factors, scale with definitions and weight factors (i.e.Table 8.1)
Chart 2- Summary chart- a chart showing the scaling of points for each compensable factor. (i.e Figure 8.1)
Chart 3 Evaluate the jobs and list the Zenith positions and their total points- Your results should be depicted in a chart listing the total point values in descending order (i.e. Table 8.2) (from the most valuable to lowest value job)