Communication Ethics in Action: Tuberculosis Medication Stock-Out

These questions are based on this reading, pg. 266-268: Stock Outs.pdf
Create a post and answer the questions below. Incorporate at least one principle from the Public Health Leadership Society’s code of conduct and any other relevant values. Also, include any facts, citing them.
What decision must be made? (This may be harder to define than you originally think.)
What are the one or more moral problems?
Who is the ultimate decision maker that will decide whether to
enact a solution and provide the resources necessary for enactment?
Who, if anyone, can be an ally who can help persuade the ultimate decisionmaker to address the one or more moral problems?
Thus far, who has the researcher involved in the process for
critically examining the one or more moral problems (identify the types
of people rather than naming specific individuals)? Do not identify the
one or more allies here. For each type of person:
What is his/her organization (identify the type of organization rather than naming specific organizations)?
What has been his/her role in the process for critically
examining the moral problem? Describe the role in terms of being a
content expert or working team member.

What additional steps do you think the researcher should take before deciding whether to whistle blow to the public?