Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Read Ch. 6 and 7 from textbook Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency Settings (Subscription)
by Samuel T. Gladding; Debbie W. Newsome
Each student will select a self-help book that is of interest to them. The self help book is not the textbook I listed above but a counseling self help textbook that we might provide in to a client that is receiving counseling services from a licensed counselor.
A self-help book’s purpose is to help the reader with a personal problem. There are a variety of self-help books that can be found in libraries, bookstores, online, etc. Self-help books are written on a variety of topics- depression, communication, relationships, positive thinking, spirituality/religion, etc. You can google self-help books and it will give you a variety of book titles. Example If the client has ADHD and needs a self help book helping them to be more productive and complete task. A service to help ADHD clients daily to complete work or any task needed is called which is where you join a zoom session with people around the world to be sure that you have accountability to complete the task needed.
Then compose a 3-5 page paper that explains:
1) your thoughts/views about the book
2)your personal learning from the book( what you learned) and
3)the implications for mental health professionals ( how this book can be used by counselors to help clients).
Please save in MS Word and attach.