Characterization of Silicone carbide nanocrystals SiC for Photonic application

Silicon Carbide nanocrystals have been proposed as a promising material for optoelectronic, biomedical imaging, or other diagnostic techniques. However, their fabrication in efficient bottom-up processes typically requires more effort. The main motivation of this project is to develop a low-cost, scalable, atmospheric pressure, plasma-based technique to produce small (less than 10 nm) nanocrystals of Silicon Carbide (SiC), suitable for photonic applications. We are going to investigate the material at a deeper level in order to determine which sector might be interested in the specific SiC nanocrystal that will be produced by our system. The potential sectors include: energy, medical, defense, and communication industries. Optoelectronics market growing by consuming silicon carbide nanocrystal semiconductors because It has a variety of applications.