chapter 19,20,21,22

The Problem of Adverse Selection.
Chapter 20. The Problem of Moral Hazard.
Chapter 21. Getting Employees to Work in the Firm’s Best Interest.
Chapter 22. Getting Divisions to Work in the Firm’s Best Interest.
provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:
Describe an adverse selection problem a company is facing. What is the source of the asymmetric information? Who is the less informed party? What transactions are not being consummated as a result of the information? Could you (or do you) use signaling or screening to consummate these transactions? Offer your company some sound advice, complete with computations of the attendant profit consequences.
Describe a decision that is centralized (or decentralized) in your company. How could you decentralize (or centralize) the decision? What would happen if it were decentralized (or centralized)? Compute the profit consequences of the change