Ch 14 Discussion Gerontology

Although she describes her quality of life as good, she needs help with basic activities of daily living. Patty has no nearby family, as her children have lived across the country for nearly 20 years. Although she still talks with them on a weekly basis, she sometimes lacks companionship. This isolation from family may be linked to recent symptoms of depression. After church one Sunday, Patty talked with a friend about her ongoing challenges with her daily care needs. This friend recommended that Patty apply for assistance through the local Area Agency on Aging to receive some help. She did, and found out that she was eligible to receive personal care and home health services.
Read the scenario above.
Answer the following questions as thoroughly and concisely as possible:Describe the typical worker that will help Patty with her daily needs.
What types of services will Patty’s formal caregivers likely provide?
What are some of the challenges that her direct care worker may experience?