Cause and Effect




Directions: Choose 1 of the following 3 topics and write a complete essay, on a separate piece of paper, using Cause and Effect as your main pattern of development.  Be sure that it is a complete essay of at least 5 paragraphs. 





  1. A debate about the prominence of athletics at colleges and universities is going to be broadcast on the local cable station.  For this debate, prepare an essay pointing out either the harmful or the beneficial effects of big-time college athletics programs.


2. Why do students “flunk out” of college?  Write an article for the

     campus newspaper outlining the main causes of failure.  Your goal is

     to steer students away from dangerous habits and situations that lead

     to poor grades or dropping out.                                                                             


3. As the manager of a store or office, you’ve noticed that a number of

    employees have negative workplace habits and/or attitudes.  Write a

    memo for your employees in which you identify these negative

    behaviors and show how they affect the workplace environment.  Be

    sure to adopt a tone that will sound neither patronizing nor overly


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