Case Study – Understanding, Evaluating, and Drafting Commercial Real Estate Agreements: Purchase vs. Leasing

Sally received the transaction documentation from the Broker to facilitate a review of the offered terms and proposed agreements that the Broker would use to complete the deal.
Review and complete the following agreements using all of the facts available and your understanding of the three transactions presented in this case study.
You are required to complete:
Contract for Sale of Commercial Property.
Commercial Lease Agreement.
Triple Net (NNN) Lease Agreement.
Redraft clauses, fill in missing information, change terms, or add clauses to match the terms and conditions of your deal. Make a list of issues that you will discuss with the broker to argue more favorable terms in all the revisions you have made. You will need this list in the next Assignment.
To analyze the property options available, you request documentation from the broker to review the terms offered. The broker provides you with the following for information and general reference:
onsiderations for the Terms Needed in the Sale of a Commercial Property (DOCX)
The Purchase and Sale Agreement (Clark Wilson) (Links to an external site) (Links to an external site.).This article should help you understand Contract paragraphs and types of revisions available.
Digital Commons Contract Tips (PDF)
You are to complete the following documents and upload them.
Contract of Sale of Commercial Property (DOCX).
Commercial Lease Agreement (PDF).
Triple Net (NNN) Lease (PDF).