Career Research Paper on being a police officer

This course focuses on Criminal Justice Ethics and Careers. In this regard, a portion of this course is dedicated to preparing students for the work world and will be delivered in conjunction with MVSU Career Services. This assignment pertains to that portion of the course. Students are required to write a career-oriented paper relative to their career interests. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a research paper on criminal justice issues – this paper must be on the career you wish to pursue after graduation.

The paper should follow APA style and be between eight to ten typed double-spaced pages, excluding title and reference pages. For information on APA style/format, please reference the APA (7th ed.) Manual or students can visit the APA website at (Links to an external site.). The course paper must also consist of a minimum of five (5) different citations/sources, including peer-reviewed articles, books, etc. (Note: Wikipedia sources cannot be used as a source in this paper). Also, before the instructor assess/grade students’ papers, the papers will be submitted via

Please note that plagiarism (the act of incorporating material that comes from another author without citing the source) is the most serious intellectual fraud and must be avoided. Any act of plagiarism will result in at least a failing grade for the assignment(s) and/or course. (Term/Research paper is worth 75 points—Pleaseawz see attached term/research paper rubric)