Career Action Plan Activity

Please complete the CAP Actions
by following the instructions below:Identify one career goal. As mentioned in the video, this can be a job search goal or a professional goal, if you have already obtained a job post-graduation.
For a job search goal, identify the channel you will use to carry out your search
Identify two milestones that will help you on your pathway forward towards your ultimate goal. Write your milestones into the “what” section.
Identify why each milestone is important and how it ties back to the larger goal
Identify a target date of completion for each milestone
Identify 1 barrier and 1 solution for each barrier (be brief here)
List the activities (with target dates) that you will complete reaching your milestone. You have space to list up to 5 in the assignment, however, we know that you may need to complete more (or less) than 5. For the sake of the assignment please list between 3-5.