Business Law

Part 1 (100 points)
Prepare a one page professional corporate Memorandum and address it to the President of a company
(make up the name). You should organize the Memorandum to discuss the importance of ethics, how
one learns ethics, and make your argument for the company to adopt your checklist. Be sure to
specifically address the following topics/questions:
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1. Do you (as the manager/director/consultant) think that ethics can be taught at the collegiate
and/or during later stages in one’s life or do you feel one’s ethical framework is already established at
the age when one’s age when entering college?
2. Explain your position in detail and explain why or why not and reference course materials when doing
3. Provide one recommendation for improved ethical learning at a later stage in life.
4. Explain why you developed and how you will use the ethical checklist and include the checklist as
an exhibit to the Memorandum.
Part 2 (100 points)
Review the sample 12 and 6 point ethical checklists as posted in BB. Review the chapter related to
ethics, consider your past experiences, and the supplemental PP materials posted in BB related to
ethics. Create and prepare your own ethical checklist by creating an entirely new document. You
may use all, some or none of the questions presented in the provided checklists. If you do use them,
please be sure to either modify them or add to them to create a document that reflects the process you
will follow in the future to address ethical dilemmas. However, you should have some original questions
to add. Your checklist should be properly formatted for use by anyone in your company.
General Format for Submission:
• Include a cover page with all required information for a collegiate paper: name, instructor name, title of
assignment, university name, and date;
• Part 1: The Memorandum should be one (1) to two (2) pages of content (not including the cover page
and reference page) properly formatted as a corporate Memorandum. Be sure to mark it confidential or
for internal use only.
• Part 2: One (1) page checklist as an exhibit.
• Use general APA format and as needed, cite your work and references you are using.
• Font should be at least 12-point, with propawzer headings for each section.