business directory saturation

You can only use the source I give you, nothing else can be used to complete this task.
1. Summarize 1 of the arguments and provide 1 objection to it. Pay special attention
to presenting the argument and the objection you make to this argument.
2. Write the response as a short cohesive piece of writing (several paragraphs).
a. Define any key terms that come up in the article
b. Present the argument in numbered premise conclusion form.
EXAMPLE of premise conclusion form:
(1) I am writing this argument last minute
(2) If I am writing this argument last minute I am likely to make some terrible mistakes
(3) I am likely to make terrible mistakes
c. Examine the reasons in favor of each premise (a sentence that supports
the conclusion)
d. Specify what exactly you are objecting to (are you saying the argument is
not valid? Are you saying there is a false premise? If so which premise is false?)
e. Give a reason that supports your objection to the article
Your goal should be to explain to someone who doesn’t know anything about what
happens in the article and then tell them one of your best criticisms of it and think of
everything (a,b,c,d,e) as a checklist of stuff to make sure you succeed the goal. Write
this as a short cohesive several paragraph piece of writing. ONLY use the source I
provide. NOTHING ELSE.
business directory saturation,