Build a model for PGW’s recommended pricing strategy

Company for which the model is required to be built: Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) is the largest municipally owned gas utility in the country, managing and maintaining a system of over 6,000 miles of gas mains and servicing pipes that deliver an annual 78 billion cubic feet of safe, reliable natural gas to its 500,000 customers each year. ( , ,
Pricing Strategy: Students will research pricing models used within third-party HVAC repair and maintenance warranty programs to determine optimal pricing strategies for the PLP service portfolio. Students will compare the existing PLP pricing structure with proposed new pricing models and determine the overall potential impact on PGW’s revenue.
What is required to be done? Develop a model for PGW’s recommended pricing strategy and identify sources of data and data collection methodology
Attaching the work that has been completed in the course till now (Additional sources/links). These sources can be used as a reference to build PGW’s recommended pricing strategy model. Any additional information or resources required for this can be taken of the internet, and referenced accordingly (APA).
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