Broad Social Goals

Every society must decide how to address the fundamental economic problem. In order to do this they must determine the criteria that are important to their society. There are main economic goals that a society must prioritize in order to be effective.

Security & Predictability
Growth & Innovation

Step 1

Read through the Powerpoint on Economic Systems and Social Goals.

Step 2

Create a visual representation to demonstrate the most important broad social-economic goal to you. Your poster must be creative, colorful, and include a paragraph explaining why that particular broad social goal is so important.

Your assignment:

Decide which one of the Broad Social Goals is most important
Create a promotional poster of the one Economic Goal you chose.
Your poster must include:

the title of the Economic Goal featured prominently on the poster
the poster must convey the importance of this Goal.
for this assignment please submit the poster and 3-5 sentences explaining why this Economic Goal is the most important to you.
Note: Students in the past have completed digital posters or created a postawzer and submitted the screenshot/image.