Brand – Every Mans JackProject – Men’s Electric RazorResearch objective/questions ●      Every Man Jack

Brand – Every Mans JackProject – Men’s Electric RazorResearch objective/questions
●      Every Man Jack currently offers primarily men’s body care items such as body wash, deodorant, shampoo, skin care items and manual razors.
●      We would like to explore the viability of offering a line of men’s electric razors. This would be a new product line for us, so we have much to learn. We need to understand:
○      Who are the current players in this market?  What is their market share? Which players are most like us in terms of brand identity? Would our target consumers accept an electric razor product from Every Man Jack?
○      How are our top competitors pricing their men’s electric razors? What can we expect consumers would pay for an electric razor with Every Man Jack branding?
What design features could potentially set an electric razor apart from competitor offerings?
Project Part II: Secondary Research Infographic ReportCarefully review Chapter 3: Secondary Research before beginning this portion of the project.
On behalf of your client selected in Week 1, you will conduct secondary research and develop an infographic that will begin to address your client’s research objective. In this assignment, you will gain experience in gathering, interpreting, analyzing and organizing secondary data, as well as identifying reliable and credible sources.
Step 1: Conduct Secondary Research
Compile as much relevant secondary data as possible (at least 5 sources) that will help address the research objective and specific client research questions. 

Look for industry articles and trends. Be sure to use the best information you can find. The more effort your instructor sees, the more likely you are to earn full points. 

Recommended databases to start with (may require Davenport login):
Statista provides statistics in graphic format on a variety of topics. You can screenshot these charts to include in your infographic. Just be sure to source properly according to the assignment instructions.
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