Brainstorming discussion for 2 WEEKS


This week you will create Part Five of the report focusing on operations management.
Mary and her two part-time employees handle the operations management for the company. In part five of the report, the team has considered this fact carefully. Mary makes the lights and sells to individuals, online, and rents and sells to event planners. This would include production, packaging, shipping, inventory, storage, service areas (places to meet clients) and processes to complete these tasks. Mary keeps much of the organizing and planning for this on her computer which she does back up but is the only one with access. In this part of the report evaluate Mary’s needs and give her the best ways to approach the role of operations manager.
1. By FRIDAY, complete the following:

Create part five of the report entitled: “Operations Management”
An explanation to Mary of the role the operations manager plays in a business. How the challenges of today affect the small business owner.
Provide tips that will help Mary to function in this role while managing the rest of the business as well.
Explain when in the stages of small business growth the role of the operations manager becomes most critical?
You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list.
This week you will create Part Six of the report focusing on Managing Human Talent.
In part six of the report, the team wants Mary to consider her sister’s role in the business. Her sister, Dawn has been working with Mary since she opened the business as has her other part-time employee Frank. The firm knows the problem that family businesses can have if they do not plan for succession especially if growth is successful. Presently Dawn is in charge of the Online sales and inventory. She is attending school to improve her computer skills and to learn to design a website that would be good for the store.
Frank is also going to school full-time and is majoring in business. Frank says he loves the business and would like to help manage. Dawn likes E-commerce. They are both loyal to the business and are anxious to see it grow back to its earlier status.
1. By FRIDAY, complete the following:

Create part six of the report entitled: “Managing Human Talent”
Explain to Mary the problems that family businesses have in staying sustainable.
Detail the first steps Mary should take in planning for succession. Address how to include both Frank and Dawn in the plan.
Give Mary three examples of successful plans that she may consider as a template for creating her plan. (This requires research on family companies who have handled succession well.)
Explain how the growth of the company will affect the ideas.
Make a recommendation as to what plan you think would work for Mary.