Besides using the elements of fiction to make meaning from a work

Besides using the elements of fiction to make meaning from a work of fiction, literary critics also use theoretical perspectives through which to view a work.  These theories serve as a type of colored lens that focuses meaning in specific directions.  Think of them as rose-colored glasses; when one views a work through the glass, everything in the work is tinted by, or takes on the hue of, the color or, in this case, the theory.  In order to understand the work from a particular perspective, you will need to do outside research for secondary sources on the work you are examining.  These will include in-depth studies of the theory itself and/or critical analyses about the novel you are using.

   For this assignment, you will become the literary critic by making meaning by applying one of the theoretical perspectives to a theme of the novel.  You will need to use your knowledge of the elements of fiction as you apply the theory of your choice; that is, you will use the language of literature when discussing said literature.  The critical theories you may choose from include archetypal/myth, biographical, cultural, Marxist, psychological (you may only use Freud’s concept of the id, ego, and super ego here), gender, feminist, and queer perspectives.

  You must include at least two secondary sources to support your interpretation of the work from the theory you use. You may not use Wikipedia, a dictionary, an online paper mill or sources such as Bookrags, eNotes, Cliffnotes, LitCharts, Sparknotes, Gradesaver, Jiffynotes, Pinkmonkey, Schmoop, Schoolbytes, and so on. I suggest you personally consult one of our librarians by calling or emailing the library for support.  The contact information is available on the FLC library web page: (Links to an external site.)
In addition to the above research requirements, you must follow MLA conventions, include a works cited page, and your essay must be at least five pages and no more than seven pages in length (not including the works cited page). 
You must use parenthetical citation to document the references that you use to prove your thesis.
You must use parenthetical citation for all summaries, paraphrases and direct quotes from any source, including the novel itself.
Do not use more than two long quotes in this essay. These long quotes must not be more than five lines as you type. Make sure you use the block quote
This assignment requires us to engage in a work of art, the novel, for an extended period of time. When we find an enjoyable book to read, it often feels like we have lost a good friend when the novel is over.  This is also true when we watch a television series that has its last season and ends. This assignment also requires that we examine a theory, a special perspective, on the novel. It requires advanced critical thinking to be able to apply a theory to a specific, concrete item.  In our everyday lives, we are so involved with social media and sounds bites, that we have become, as Nicholas Carr suggests, shallow. Shallow in our reading and in our thoughts.  This longer work of fiction will require us to break through the shallowness that has become our current intellectual landscape. In addition, we are often asked to accept the theories of others without examining them; however, this often leaves us without our own thoughts and ideas on the issue. This assignment requires us to think about various theories and how well they apply to the novels we are reading, increasing our critical thinking skills. Through the act of applying the theory we choose, we will learn that we don’t have to accept the theory or viewpoint someone else delivers to us, but that, in fact, we will have more power in our thinking and ideas if we think for ourselves.

Important Information
In our other assignments, we wrote about literature in the present tense. That is true for this essay as well.  All of your sources (including the novel) must be documented in the text with parenthetical citation, and your works cited page must include the novel about which you are writing as well as your two required sources. Again, you must define your terms, using both your Griffith text and your other sources.