automotive embedded systems

Length of papers: Maximum of 1 page only
No graphs, tables or pictures required write a summary of your chosen paper in 3rd person.
Must have </= 5% match to have full credit, see below for grading criteria
Must include reference (-10 pts); Do not submit original paper only reference it.
No Redo’s on technical papers, you will have only 1 final submission.
– Can be resubmitted to lower matching
Read any technical papers related to topic detailed below:
Technical Paper 1:
Select any technical paper related to automotive embedded systems

The paper that needs to be summarized:…

NOTE: Any technical/research paper chosen must be state-of-the-art paper in the specific area or a paper that has some original ideas which are based on another research paper (for example, you are modifying an algorithm for scheduling a task for an existing algorithm)