attack- Bali Nightclub Bombing, October 12, 2002

In Milestone One, you chose your attack and provided background information. In this module, you will build on the information gathered for the first milestone and analyze your attack. You will focus on the ideology and motivation of the terrorist organization, the connections between ideology and the global nature of the attack, and the local and global impact of the attack. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  Analysis of the Attack: In this section, you will analyze the terrorist attack and determine how it impacted the field of global terrorism. 

 Explain why the event is considered a terrorist attack instead of an act of violence. Explain the ideology and underlying motivation of the terrorist organization responsible for the attack. Draw connections between the organization’s ideology and the global nature of the attack. Consider the following: 

 What was the attack intended to draw attention to? 

 How did the organization use the attack to further its global cause? 

 Explain the local and global impact of the attack with regard to who became involved in the response. Be sure to address the following: 

 Which local criminal justice, government, or private sector agencies were involved in responding to the attack?

  Did other nations get involved, and to what extent? Describe the impact of the attack on the terrorist organization itself. Consider the following:

  Did it help or hinder the organization’s cause? 

 Did it lose or the gain the support of followers?