Assume that you are the project director of a small family planning clinic.

You have just received word that your federal and state funds have been slashed and that the clinic will probably close in 3 months. Although an additional funding source may be found, it is improbable that it will occur within that time period. The board of directors informed you that this knowledge is not to be made public at this time.
You have five full-time employees at the clinic. Because
two of these employees are your close friends, you feel some conflict about
withholding this information from them. You are aware that another clinic in
town currently has job openings and that the positions are generally filled

DQ: It is important that you
staff the clinic for the next 3 months. When will you notify the staff of the
clinic’s intent to close? Will you communicate the closing to all staff at the
same time? Will you use downward communication? Should the grapevine be used to
leak news to employees? When might the grapevine be appropriate to pass on
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