Assignment instructions: Conducting research is a critical part of developing an effective PR Plan.

Assignment instructions: Conducting research is a critical part of developing an effective PR Plan. A PR campaign that is not informed by research may be creative but still fail to appeal to the target audience. In the following hypothetical case study, you are asked to suggest the types of research your CEO should now conduct and to propose a strategy for a PR campaign to help a hospital improve its image. Please review the following case study material and answer the three questions after the study.
Grading, format and deadline: The answer to each question in this assignment is worth six points. The deadline to complete this assignment is Sunday at 8:59 PM but you may submit the assignment any time before the deadline as well. Once you submit your answers, you will not be able to change them so ensure you have completed your work to your satisfaction before submitting. Points will be taken off for spelling or grammar errors. Endeavor to be clear and concise in responding to each question. All answers should be stated in fewer than 150 words. Submit the assignment by uploading a Microsoft Word document using the following naming format: last name.first name.research.  I suggest you copy and paste the questions with your response to ensure you answer the questions fully. If you do not have Microsoft Word you may enter your answers in the text entry box. Please do not use any program other than Microsoft Word to submit the assignment.
Case Study: Hospital A is an excellent hospital, but it is smaller and not as well-known as other hospitals in a large city in Texas. In its region, Hospital A competes with 12 other hospitals. The hospital administrator is convinced that her staff and the care provided at her hospital rank near the top in the region, but the public does not appear to share that perception since patients tend to drive past her hospital to seek care at other hospitals including a much larger university hospital (Hospital B), and Hospital C, which has a reputation in the community for excellent trauma care. The administrator surveys her staff, doctors and nurses, as well as the hospital trustees and volunteers who work at the hospital to see what their perceptions are of Hospital A and all the other hospitals in the region.  The staff, trustees and volunteers agree with the administrator that their hospital provides a level of care that should put it within the top one to three hospitals in the region. They point out that Hospital A has  high levels of surgical care, nursing care and the hospital has the latest medical equipment.  However, they also note the community does not seem to know about them. The administrator decides to launch a PR campaign to improve the image of the hospital and encourage patients to seek treatment there.
As the PR professional advising the administrator (based on your readings and the lectures this week), answer the following questions for the CEO:
1.) Describe one type of secondary research and one type of primary research you would suggest the CEO conduct before putting together a public relations campaign. Clearly label which example is primary and which one is secondary. Briefly state why you selected those forms of research.
2.) If further research tended to support the administrator’s assumption that her hospital ranks within the top hospitals in the region, what type or types of public relations campaign(s) would you suggest she launch (remedial, on-going or one-time) and why?
3.) What would be the main strategy of your campaign? Describe two tactics you would use to support your strategy.