As a future social worker, it is important to understand the world around you.

As a future social worker, it is important to understand the world around you.  Social institutions play a major role on access to resources and addressing needs.  Social institutions also produce challenges to access resources and address needs.  For this assignment, you will need to answer the following questions on MS word format.  This will be a 2 page assignment, double-spaced, Arial 12 font with headings.  
Heading:  The Educational System
1.  Applying the Conflict Perspective:  Describe a current situation the educational system facing?  You must use at least 2 different resources such as news articles, YouTube, Ted Talk or journals.  Cite per APA.   
2.  Importance to Social Work Practice:  Describe why these issues are very important to social work practice.
Example:    Carey, B. (2019, March 22). Can we get better at forgetting? The New York Times.
Heading:  Criminal Justice System
1.  Applying the Constructionist Perspective:  Paying attention to current views of the criminal justice system, in particular the injustice of race in the criminal justice system, describe the unfairness currently in place, based on the views of the “powerful decision-makers” and impact it has on the larger social system.   Impact on communities, workplace, etc.  For example, based on the use of at least two sources such as journal articles, newspaper articles such as The New York Times, Harvard Review, HuffPost, etc., describe how individuals who have been a part of the criminal justice system, struggle to re-adapt to society and why does this occur based on the constructionist perspective. 

2.  Why is this important to social work practice. 
Heading:  The Health Care System
Our health care system is facing so many challenges to meet the surging needs of individuals facing the current COVID-19 pandemic.  
1.  Select a perspective of your choice to describe how the use of the selected perspective will create a barrier or improve the current delivery of the health care system addressing and meeting the medical needs of patients.  You must use two sources from scholarly articles, newspaper articles or Ted Talk.  
2.  Describe the value of understanding the perspective chosen to social work practice.  
Your paper must have a cover page and bibliography page.  These pages do not count towards the 2 page paper.