ARTH 200 W1 Understanding Artistic Motives and Themes

Please cite source(s,) but leave your voice in. Place quotations if you use direct quotations. We want to hear your words, not the book’s or websites’. Read the Important “Mechanics for Writing about Art” attached to this discussion.
You have a choice of the following 2 works of art. Examine and discuss The Lion Panel from the Chauvet cave (image below) or choose Stonehenge (image below).

The Lion Panel from the Chauvet cave

As you read your course lesson and other readings, consider what these ancient objects reveal to us about humans and art.
What is believed to be the function or purpose of these objects?
What does their existence indicate about humans and art?
Think about the topic, then answer. Please avoid comments on Merlin and aliens; we want to keep the discussions to provable/known facts. You must find a reliable online source to use as information. PBS is always a good suggestion for historical works.
Note: You are writing on either The Lion Panel from the Chauvet cave –or–Stonehenge.
You may bring personal experiences into the discussion. Please remember to always attribute any sources used to share your sources with us. Exact citation style in your posts is not required, but an indication of sources is required. In art appreciation and art history, writing more is always better.
Be sure to do an internet search and cite one reliable source of information for this topic.