Answer the following questions as you read the rest of the novel.1. Sula (the novel, not

Answer the following questions as you read the rest of the novel.
1. Sula (the novel, not the character) returns again and again to particular themes and motifs, including permanence/impermanence, racial and gender norms, water/fire, the color green, etc. Choose two key “moments” in the novel connected by a particular theme or motif (such as those named above) that you want to revisit with the class as a whole. Name the moments / scenes and provide a page number and explain, briefly, the connection you see between them. [Approximately 4-6 sentences.]
You may find these short explanations of themes, symbols, and motifs helpful: (Links to an external site.)
2. We learn early on in the novel that Nel and Sula attempt, together and individually, to become something other than the narrow life options they are offered: “Because each [Nel and Sula] had discovered years before that they were neither white nor male, and that all freedom and triumph was forbidden to them, they had set about creating something else to be (52).” What might this “something else” be in the context of the novel? Do they succeed? [Approximately 6-8 sentences.]