answer the discussion and reply to other post

Now that you’ve read this piece , go through one of your social media feeds and analyze what you find there. Then, read the following discussion questions and compose a short paragraph (or two) responding to the discussion thread. Your paragraph should be fully developed in terms of the sentence structure and ideas (and roughly about 250 words):
How much do you live in a “filter bubble (Links to an external site.)” of people with the same general opinions? Why do you think so or how can you tell? (10 points)
Did you come across any stories or links that raised questions of veracity for you for any reason? How could you check them out? (10 points)
Please also respond to one peer after you submit your own post. Consider either (1) “comparing and contrasting” your own response with the peer or (2) briefly explaining what you learn from their suggestion for fact-checking. (5 points)
You will receive 20 points for your own post and 5 points for your response.