American Literature, Marinetti’s Manifesto of Futurism, Discussion Board

), “Futurism called on artists to reject the past and to celebrate the energy and dynamism of the modern, mechanical world. Marinetti’s first Manifesto of Futurism was published in Italy in June 1909. Many avant garde art movements from this period produced manifestos – public declarations of shared aims and principles that were typically innovative and radical in nature.
Futurism set out to make Italy modern by attacking its traditions; to ‘free Italy from her innumerable museums, which cover her like countless cemeteries’. A new beauty, which would replace traditional beauty, was found in the artefacts of modern industry and technology. Futurist imagery celebrated the power, force and speed of the machine. Futurists glorified war because they saw potential for freedom in its power to destroy. They admired the militarism, modernity and patriotism of Italian fascism which, according to Marinetti, was the natural extension of Futurism.”
Based on your reading of the excerpt from Marinetti, what led futurists such as him from their ideas about progress in the future to a dangerous embrace of war and even more insidiously of fascist ideals? How did they get from one to the other? Are there ways that the other Modernist texts from this module resemble these troubling sides of Futurism? Write a post of at least 300 words.