American Dream

The first priority is defining what the American dream means. The American dream is a subjective idea, and you will want to narrow down your definition to one specific idea. For example, your definition of this dream might be owning a house, finding a lucrative job, or being debt free. Please avoid topics on gun rights, education, or immigration as these topics are covered in other essays for our class.
This essay will be arranged in the following structure. You will begin with an introduction. The second paragraph will provide your definition of the American dream. The next two body paragraphs must address whether not your definition of the American dream is still possible. Lastly, you will need a conclusion. Essentially, you will need a total of five body paragraphs. I will grade your essay on the key elements of academic writing: a strong thesis (three-point preferred), topic sentences, transitions, etc.
Furthermore, your essay will need to reach at least three pages total. You will also need a total of four sources minimum, and each all three body paragraphs should have at least one source. Also, you will want to make sure that your paper adheres to MLA and standards and that you provide citations.
Lastly, please avoid first person in this essay.
My american dream is “owning a house”. further instructions in the video :). Thank you in advance 🙂