American art and culture

Directions and requirements:


  1. Essay is 2,000 words minimum
  2. Please only use the readings supplied. No outside sources
  3. Discuss the two works of art attached AND the readings. Use the readings as models of interpretation for the art works. Discuss the power of gender and race in art. Discuss Black art and the resistance. Discuss woman’s role in art and society. Link information to the attached art pieces below.
  4. Look at the topic from more than one vantage point. “Gender and sexual roles through American art and culture”
  5. Use MLA format for citations
  6. Be consistent with citation and remember to cite everything that you paraphrase or quote.
  7. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out as I will get back as soon as possible.




Art pieces to discuss:


William Sidney Mount, The Power of Music, 1847, oil on canvas (Discuss the concept of “standing outside the door” in art. in PDF “Johns Standing Outside The Door”))



After William Sidney Mount, Raffling for a Goose, 1851, engraving (On page 126 in PDF “Johns Standing Outside The Door”)



Gertrude Käsebier, Zitkala-Sa, 1898, platinum prints

(Discuss not only the female gender but also the native American race and their experience in America. The Laura Wexler reading touches upon this. Page 123)