Alter’s TED Talk

Evidence and Strategy: For that claim, figure out what type of evidence and strategy he’s using to support the claim.
Audience: Figure out who you think he’s speaking to in when he makes that claim and supports it with a particular kind of evidence and strategy. Is he speaking to a particular geographic location (people in San Diego), or people with a specific level of education or knowledge in a particular field, or people who believe one thing or another, or who are a specific gender, or race, etc.?
Effective? Finally, decide whether or not you think he was effective in making his argument. Do you think his audience (not yourself) would believe the point he’s making with the support he’s using. You might not be the target audience, so don’t just tell us if you think he’s effective; you have to put yourself in the shoes of the intended audience.
Note: There are no right answers for this. You might think he’s speaking to one audience, while someone else thinks he’s speaking to another audience. As long as you can back up what you think, you are both right. Also, you might think he’s effectively arguing his point, while someone else will disagree with you. There isn’t a right answer to your evaluation of an argument. You just have to explain why you think one way or the other.