alternative financial instruments

Part 1-130 Words

1. There are four alternative financial instruments for sourcing equity abroad. Identify and explain one of these techniques. In your answer provide a motivation as to why a firm would wish to choose this particular technique for raising equity abroad.

2. By cross-listing and selling its shares on a foreign stock exchange a firm typically tries to accomplish one or more objectives. Briefly explain each of the five objectives identified by your authors of our textbook. How does market segmentation impact the effect on share prices from cross-listing on foreign stock exchanges?

Part 2-130 Words
1. What procedures are available for you to gather evidence about the bank reconciliations? Explain how you would use each procedure and comment on the quality of the evidence obtained from each.
2. When you ask the employee responsible for bank reconciliations about how bank reconciliations are performed, there is a possibility that you will not be told the whole truth about the performance of the reconciliations. Given this, will you bother to ask? Explain.
3. Explain the impact of the staff changes on your controls testing program.

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