Advanced Information Systems

When determining the appropriate hardware components of a new information system, what role must the end user of the system play?
2. What issues can arise when the CPU runs at a very fast rate?
3. What is the overall trend in secondary storage devices?
4. Briefly describe Moore’s Law. What are the implications of this law?
Are there any practical limitations to Moore’s Law?
5. What is a software suite? Give several examples.
6. What does the acronym API stand for? What is the role of an API?
7. Assume that you must take a computer-programming course next
semester. What language do you think would be best for you to study? Why? Do you think that a pro- fessional programmer needs to know more than one pro- gramming language? Why or why not?
8. Identify four types of software licenses frequently used. Which approach does the best job of ensuring a steady, predictable stream of revenue from customers? Which approach is most fair for the small company that makes infrequent use of the software?
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