Activity on wellness and chronic illness and check on the status of the “trust fund.” Look at its status over the last 5 years. Is the trend you see concerning to you and why?
· Research the laws about living wills and durable powers of attorney in a state. Summarize your findings and how to and who would determine the decision-making capacity of a patient should he or she decide to end the authority of the POA
· Access the website of the U.S. health care Market Place at Follow the instructions on how to purchase health care coverage. What types of plans are available and at what cost? Are there affordable plans without a large deductible? What would you select and why?
· Access the CMS website and make a list of the Medicare Part D plans and their evaluations. Examine the evaluations and choose the plan(s) you think would be best for the older adults in your family.
· Access the National Elder Law Association website at and see what information is provided there. Was the website easy to navigate and did it provide helpful information?
· Investigate the Partnership for Long-Term Care program at What information can you find for your state? Access to see if there is a PACE program in your state. Read about how PACE works, what services are provided, how to apply, and how to generate interest to start a PACE program in your area.
· Examine current literature for articles that address the topic of sexual needs in older adults. Summarize their findings.