Activity Guidelines and Rubric

Scenario Two
You are working on a project at a business communications company, which includes employees who work at the central office and at a satellite office in a different state. The team is working with clients from a health services company on a public relations (PR) campaign. Throughout the campaign, the team will produce text-based documents and visual media for the PR campaign, and then the clients will review, make suggestions for revisions, and add content as needed. Quick turnaround is needed for tasks to be completed by the entire team (employees and clients). For the past six weeks since the project started, the employees and clients have been communicating largely through email with attachments, sending documents and media back and forth for review. However, the clients have been giving mostly short replies to emails, in which requested details are missing from the replies, the communication has been misunderstood by the clients, and/or individual questions are not fully responded to by the clients. Subsequently, the project team is not working productively with the clients and milestone deadlines are being missed or not fully completed with the desired goal. How can the team (employees and clients) better communicate fully, share documents and media, and stay on task to meet project deadlines? What are the key messages to communicate to the entire team and what strategies should be used to do this?
DirectionsAddress the requirements below as they relate to the business communication scenario that you have chosen.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Summarize the business communication problem or challenge in your selected scenario (internal and external).
Explain which part(s) of the communication process model may pose a particular communication challenge for the situation described in the scenario (internal and external).
Identify and describe appropriate best practices in business communications for addressing the internal and external business problem or challenge.
Identify internal and external strategies for developing effective messaging for the situation described in the scenario.
Be sure to reference and cite Module Six resources to support your ideas and perspectives.
Supporting MaterialShapiro Library Resource: Citing Your SourcesThis Shapiro Library resource guide is intended to help you cite sources, avoid plagiarism, and learn about citation styles and available citation tools.
Guidelines for SubmissionThis assignment must be submitted as a 250- to 500-word (1- to 2-page) Word document. References should be cited in APA format.