a struct to store the data of a football player

Declare an array of 10 components to store the data of 10 football players. Your program must contain a function to input data and a function to output data. Add functions to search the array to find the index of a specific player, and update the data of a player. (You may assume that input data is stored in a file.) Before the program terminates, give the user the option to save data in a file. Your program should be menu driven, giving the user various choices
Grading for Each assignments is Based on following requirements clearly stated as follow: a. Top of each Program you have your Name : Indicated that this is your work. (1 point )b. Next line is indicating the date you are submitting your program. (1 point )c. Next line you will write a brief explanation for what this program intend to do. (1 point )d. Use of sufficient comments to clarify use of syntax. (1 point)e. Use of meaningful variable (identifier) in your program (1 point)f. Separate input, process, and output instructions by a comment (In-Process-Out) (1 point)g. Working program without any error (3 points)h. Turn in on time (1 point deducted for each day late submission) (1 point)Submit only .cpp (source code of your program).