8:00am EST Anatomy/Physiology Questions LIVE help

I will be working on some anatomy/physiology questions on July 15th, 8am EST(in 7 hours), and I will be needing some LIVE help. The questions will be open within a 1 hour time frame(8:00-9:00am EST) and I would need you to be online and responsive during that time frame. The questions are about metabolism, muscles and the endoctrine system. Sample questions can be found in the attached document, though the actual questions will be a little more tricky than that. I will send you the PPT slides on the topic after we match so you can have a better idea of the area of questions. I am offering a rather good deal for the time this task takes so I really hope you have a firm grasp of the knowledge regarding this topic. Please make sure that you would be able to do well on these questions and this topic in general, and will be available during said time frame.