150-300words:ART DISCUSSION for Week 3

You need not limit yourself to the images on the weekly art page, if you took the time to google other images associated with those episodes. You may react to one of the prompts below; or, you may react to a post one of your classmates has already written; or, you may post on a topic of your choice as long as you are “reading” the art for this week. (Prompt 1 is the same every week.)
Remember this post needs to be only between 150-300 words. Posts are due Sunday at 11:59 pm.
In the previous Discussions, the whole class was essentially working from the same set of assigned art. In the last two Blocks, I am going to turn you loose to sift through a multitude of images, in the hopes that the ensuing Discussion will reveal topics you may not have found individually but that your classmates did. Block 3 is a hybrid approach.
Below you will find a few assigned images that everyone should think about. You may choose to comment on those. You may choose to comment on an image included in the reading by Chang, using Chang’s article as a springboard for discussion and exploration. That’s the existing method, where everyone has seen the same material.
The new method is to go deeper in to the Art World website’s commentary on Feminist Art than the specific pages assigned as part of this week’s assigned reading. For instance, the website has artist profile pages for most of the artists mentioned, links to related movements, and the assigned pages contained an array of images themselves. Thus, you can dig up your own sources for this week’s discussion board, and that will be good practice for the last two weeks.
Sample prompts [copy and paste the prompt you choose into the opening of your post]
Identify two artists or two specific artworks and explain what about them interests or inspires or infuriates or entices you.
Discuss a theme from one of these pages or artworks that you find interesting.
Discuss whether the images speak to “divided culture”
Discuss what they say about “belonging”
Discuss what they say about identity
Discuss ways in which they demonstrate political activism or political action.
Make up your own topic…just make sure it relates to Week 3 content.