150-300 words:ART DISCUSSION for Week 4

(Prompt 1 is the same every week.)
Remember this post needs to be only between 150-300 words. Posts are due Sunday at 11:59 pm.
In the previous Discussions, the whole class was essentially working from the same set of assigned art. In the last two Blocks, I am going to turn you loose to sift through a multitude of images, in the hopes that the ensuing Discussion will reveal topics you may not have found individually but that your classmates did. (It’s not really extra work–you’re going to go there eventually anyway, and you don’t have to go there now!) Some of you may choose to discover pieces in the linked website that others won’t find–and you can comment on those. Of course, as always, you’re free to start your own thread.
If you choose to look ahead and preview themes we will grapple with during the last few weeks, concentrate on images that seem to have an activist message (a theme of Block 3). In the next two Blocks, you will be assigned to read articles from the educational website The Art Story. www.theartstory.org (Links to an external site.) Specifically, we will three of their Movement pages: pages for performance art, body art, and feminist art. These movements overlap somewhat in their timing; they display some similar values and goals; some of the artists may be associated with more than one of the movements. For now, you do not need to read the main articles, but you might sift through the artist profiles featured there to see what catches your eye.
1.Select two images you wish to comment on. Any two images from material assigned this week, which may include images that appeared in readings or in assigned vicdos. Obviously, of course, the website The Art Story will have many possibilities to choose from. To make it easier for us to follow your post (because images may not have been seen by others prior to seeing them here), please download/paste or copy/paste the images you are writing about into your post.
2. Consider the assigned videos and readings that raised issues related to the practice of being a curator. Pick one of the following ideas and build your post around that.
A.What insights did you gain about the craft of curatorship from this Week’s assignments?
B.How do curators take race and ethnic identity into consideration when evaluating a piece of art for an exhibit or museum wall? What surprised you or did not surprise you? What special complications does race create?
C.To what degree must curators also be aware of general history to practice their craft?
D.Any thing else about curators or curatorships that caught your attention this Week that you care to write 150 words about….