1.Function of the different Parts of the Male Reproductive System

1.PENIS-is the external male organ with a tip called glans.It is covered with foreskin that may be removed through circumcision. 2.SCROTUM-is a pair of pouchlike sacs that contain the testes. 3.TESTES-(singular testes)are the glans that produce the sperm cells and the male sex hormone called testosterone. 4.EPIDIDYMIS-is a narrow ,coiled tube that stores sperm cells. 5.URETHRA-the urethra in male is the passeway of both urine from the urinary bladder and semen from the glans. 6.SEMINAL VESICLES-are the saclike pouches attached to the vas deferens.it contributes to the semen production,a sugar rich fluid which provide energy for the sperm cells’motility. 7.VAS DEFERENS-is a long muscular tube that serve as the passageway of the sperm cells release from the testes.its also connects the testes to the semenal vesicle and the urethra. 8.COWPERS GLAND-also called the bulbourethral gland,is one of the two pea-sized organs found beneath the prostrate gland.it is responsible for releasing fluid that flushes out foriegn matters and neutralizes the acidic urine in the urethra. 9.PROSTATE GLAND-is a gland located between the bladder and the penis.it produces fluid that nourishes and protects the sperm.