1. Explain how unethical behavior can exist in personal selling. 2. Discuss the role of

1. Explain how unethical behavior can exist in personal selling. 
2. Discuss the role of ethical behavior in selling. Include your thoughts on whether ethical behavior in selling is based on personal morals and value, or company culture, or a combination of the two. 
3. How does the company’s culture play a role in the ethical or unethical behavior of selling. 
4. Explain the issues that may arise if a company’s culture is one of unethical behavior and the sales person does not agree with the tactics used to promote and push selling.
5. Explain the role of pricing versus quality, is there a misperception the higher the price the greater the quality? 
6. Compare online pricing with brick-and-mortar pricing of a product (your choice). Include any differences you may find and pros and cons of buying online versus going to the store.
Textbook reading – Chapters 17 – 19
Research ethical behavior in selling.
Research consumer perception of price and quality.
Compare product pricing online versus brick-and-mortar.
Include one Biblical reference pertaining to the subject matter. 
Use APA formatting, be sure to include references for each including the textbook.